Portfolio: Wobben.org

Wobben.orgWobben.org is the personal weblog of my husband Nico and myself. It started in 1999 with a site on truemetal.org (still there), back then called Feel The Fire (named after a song by Overkill) as we wanted the visitors to feel our passion for heavy metal, our cats, our travels and life in general! After a few years, I decided to use the name Feel The Fire for my webdesign stuff (and later registered this domain).

Our homepage was at first a html site (with some php to include a menu) with a blog on Bravenet. In 2007 we registered wobben.org, got our own webhost account and installed WordPress (to integrate our homepage, the blog and a travelsite with the whereareyou.net service into one) and a seperate (but same design) Plogger photo gallery. It has multiple rotating banners (like a slideshow).

See the site live on www.wobben.org.

Older versions:

wobben.org     wobben.org

The travelsite we had with the whereareyou.net service, I made ONLY the banner there, and the first banner I made for the current WordPress site (didn’t keep a screenshot of the whole site)

our old travelsite with whereareyou.net     first banner of the wordpress site